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What is something you know very little about but want to learn? Hive Mind, Issue 3

Last time on Hive Mind we talked about how each of us learn best. This time around we asked the collective what they are interested in learning that they know very little about.


I don't know if I'll dig into it because we hit a bit of a wall with it recently, but I'm still really interested in trying to find or create a custom low latency video streaming solution. The closer we can get to syncing up what the audience is watching and what the broadcaster is doing, the more possibilities open up for live content. In my case, I want to be able to record commentary/reaction videos from across the country. Thanks to some of Ryan's work, we've got the delay down to 2-3 seconds, but we need to get it as close to real time as possible. NVIDIA has a solution that works for some applications, but its frustrating that it won't work for everything. Of course, that makes me want to find a solution even more.


For whatever reason, I have been really interested in how a house is built. I know the broad framework, but I want to know the really detailed aspects of it. If you were to build a really, really, well built dog house, lets say. I know I would probably start with concrete block, rebar, cement, but how do you marry concrete to wood? Do you then build the deck off of that? Walls on top of the deck? What is the preferred sheathing these days? How do you figure out the angles for your roof rafters? Not to mention how you should run the plumbing, electrical, HVAC, installing doors, windows, the list goes on and on. It all fascinates me. I don't know what I would do with all this knowledge besides build a garden shed or play house for my kids, but I am still very intrigued by it.


Machine learning, it's all the rage today. Most people use it as a term to describe data analytics but what I want to learn is something with neural networks or some other pattern recognition. Step 1: Machine Learning, Step 2:, Step 3: profit!


I don't know anything about working with physical hardware. I've never soldered anything outside of repairing a broken guitar cable. So naturally, I'm in the process of buying all of the components that I need to make my own portable emulation console using an original DMG-01 Game Boy shell and a Raspberry Pi.

Game Boy


Currently I want to learn more about smart home integrations. I would like to have smart appliances in my house, but I would also like to build something. The long goal would be to setup my own network.


I want to learn some actual fabrication skills... like woodworking, and welding. I have lots of big ideas that frankly I have no idea where to start with. I've been really getting into picking up new knowledge lately though, and there's a local artist space that has a community shop and safety classes I want to take soon!


Living in a house that's in an actual town, and is surrounded by neighborhoods we have our fair share of foot traffic by our house. We sit on a corner lot which existed before the town itself existed and have about 8 acres of additional land. There's also a few barns, a greenhouse and a detached garage. Getting everything on the same system where's it accessible everywhere is a challenge. I need to tie in all of my existing solutions into more of a central hub for home security and automation.

That is what we'd like to learn, what about you? Some completely new area of knowledge, or expanding a knowledge set you already have? Let us know in the comments!

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