Recently we asked the collective, what is the coolest thing you've worked with lately, or want to work with next? Here are the answers!


Grab a Sparkfun Pan/Tilt Bracket, Joystick shield, a couple servos, and an Arduino and you have an awesome, fairly cheap, remote controlled pan/tilt head that you can mount whatever you like to. In my case it is a laser, but you could also mount a camera or maybe a speaker and do some interesting directional audio experiments.


I gotta give a shoutout to Screeps for lighting a fire to get back into JavaScript. My journey back into development via GameMaker Studio has been pretty successful, but finding the right motivation to get even dirtier has been tricky. The bonus ended up being that as soon as I dusted off those JavaScript skills, JS30 launched and reminded that I can make/break fun things that aren't games, too.

Javascript 30


Been toying around with the latest iteration of Viget's Gulp Starter project, which is being renamed and packaged (as in Yarn packaged) as Blendid. It solves a pain point I've experienced a lot recently - "How do I share what I've learned in my latest Gulp process with all the other sites I have using Gulp?" I'm excited where they're headed with the project and want to take a similar approach in some of my other projects. I'll have a bit more to share on Blendid soon.


This past year I took up building guitar amps. Since I don't have an electrical engineer background I've been using freely available schematics of older amps but don't have the knowledge to design or modify them. That is, until I came across LiveSPICE which will allow me to modify circuits and hear in real time how it affects the sound. Talk about saving hours of soldering experimental designs.